European Automotive Repair

Repairing your European vehicle isn’t like taking your Ford or Chevy into the shop. European automotive repair is a niche specialty that only certain mechanics and shops are qualified to handle.

For starters, simply finding the parts can be extremely difficult. But this isn’t a worry at State Automotive! We have access to needed factory manufactured parts for European cars, such as timing belts and filters, that can’t always be found at the local auto parts store.

European Automotive Repair Midvale Utah Compared to their US counterparts, European cars are more advanced and boast more intricate technology. Gone are the days when anyone could peek under the hood and have a general sense of what the parts do. Cars, especially of the European variety, have become very high tech and are sometimes more like computers than vehicles. Mechanics need ongoing, specialized training to keep foreign cars running at Autobahn speed.

We Know European Exotic Auto Repair

Saying, “We know cars” is nearly laughable these days. That’s like saying, “We know technology.” What technology, which brands, what type, and what year? Having a mechanic who has the tools to perform factory level scans and diagnostics is critical for your imported car, truck, or SUV. You spend time, money, and efforts finding the European vehicle of your dreams. Make sure it’s well cared for by a local Midvale, Utah shop that has experts in your unique make and model, and can give you OE (Original Equipment) fluids and maintenance.

While it might seem that there are more European vehicles on the roads than ever, that doesn’t mean all auto repair shops have kept up. Some manufacturers, such as Volkswagen and Peugeot, can be especially tough to repair thanks to their incredibly advanced technology. It takes a mechanic with experience, passion, and ongoing training to treat your European car right.

Foreign Auto Repair Affairs

The rarer your vehicle, the more difficult it can be to find a qualified mechanic to keep it purring. The hunt is over. At State Automotive in Midvale, Utah, our master ASE certified technicians have over 20 years of experience working on European vehicles such as BMW, Jaguar, Audi and more, because we love these imported beauties just as much as you do. We also know what it takes to keep them in like-new condition, whether you have a vintage Fiat Spyder or a brand new Mercedes Benz.

No make, model, or year is too rare.

Don’t let the number of European cars that have zoomed onto US roads fool you. Sheer quantity doesn’t mean repairs and maintenance are easier. Similar to importing your favorite wine from France, from dealing with taxes to trusting that the packing is done well, getting a European car to America is no easy feat. Maintaining it and enjoying it can come with struggles, but not if you have the best European automotive repair shop on your side.

No matter what you guidare, conduire, or fahrt, make sure you drive with the peace of mind of knowing you have an exceptional auto shop on your side.