Tires are the literal underdog of your vehicle, and they are more important than many Midvale drivers realize. The right tires can improve safety, fuel efficiency and of course aesthetics, from the studded tires you use in the winter to the road-hugging tires which are perfect for long summer road trips. The wrong tires can wear down your vehicle (particularly if they grind against another part), make your vehicle work harder than necessary, and even lead to skids and collisions on the road. However, with so many tires on the market, how can you choose the best for you, your vehicle and the season?

The tire experts at Midvale’s State Automotive have one mission: To find the best tires for your budget. There is a lot more to selecting the best tires than price alone, although that is certainly a consideration. Your driving habits should also be taken into account, such as whether you are a weekend warrior who is on the slopes every weekend and needs snow tires, or if you are getting tires for a commuter car that is never more than ten miles from home.

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Some Midvale drivers want racing tires for actual races, while others just want them for looks and bragging rights. Others want to invest in very high quality tires which will last for years—or can even keep the car moving after a leak for quite a few miles. Without quality tires, you, your car, your passengers and everyone else on the road are not safe. What happens if a tire pops when you are going 65 miles per hour on the highway? Unfortunately, some people do not realize the importance of quality tires until it is too late.

Your Midvale State Automotive experts will work within your budget and consider your needs and driving habits to match you with your perfect tire set. In some instances, drivers may need more than one set of tires—perhaps studded for those Utah snowy winters and standard for when spring arrives. No matter what your tire needs, rely on experts to help you narrow down your choices.

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Not all tires are created equally, although they may look the same (and all smell wonderful!) to most drivers. Choosing a brand that is proven is a good call, as is matching the size to your vehicle to avoid rubbing or bottoming out over those speed bumps. With such a big selection, it can be overwhelming to get the right brand, size and model for you.

However, with the State Automotive tire professionals at your service, this is one car feature that can be a quick, easy and affordable upgrade.