Safety Inspections and Emissions

State Automotive is the premier Midvale, UT auto shop for all your automotive needs, starting with what can be a frustrating safety and emissions hurdle. The Utah safety inspections and emissions test is one set of quizzes drivers can pass with flying colors, as long as they have State Automotive as their “tutor.” Each state has unique safety inspection requirements for vehicles, and in Utah it is based on a rotating schedule. Vehicles must undergo a safety inspection when they are four, eight and ten years old. All vehicles that are ten years or older are required to pass a safety inspection every single year. That is a big demand for classic, vintage and well-loved vehicles, but State Automotive has a knack for getting cars, trucks and SUVs of all years test-ready.

safety inspection and emissions Midvale UtahBear in mind that safety inspections must be made within two months of registration renewal. Drivers are required to have a valid registration when the vehicle is inspected by the state. The good news is that repairs may be done by the auto shop of your choice, and drivers are given 15 days after a failed inspection to get the repairs and work completed. State Automotive works well under tight deadlines, prioritizing vehicles which have failed safety inspections and emissions tests so the next time around vehicles pass with flying colors. A second inspection is offered to drivers at no additional cost by the state.

What are emissions?

Emissions testing is required to keep pollution levels in check. A vehicle registered in Davis, Salt Lake, Utah and Weber counties that are no more than six years old must undergo emission testing every two years. Even-numbered model years have emissions testing during even numbered years, and odd-numbered model years have emissions testing during odd numbered years. If a vehicle is no more than two years old, it is exempt from emissions testing. However, if a vehicle is older than six years, it must be tested every year with one exception: Vehicles older than 1966. These classics get full exemption from emissions testing.

Like a safety inspection, emissions inspection must be completed within two months of registration renewal. Your local Motor Vehicle office will require an emission certificate in order to renew registrations. There are many reasons a vehicle may fail emissions testing the first time around, but State Automotive has the expertise to “green up” vehicles so they don’t just pass emissions testing, but also offer a cleaner, more comfortable ride for drivers.