Fuel Tank Repair

Drivers who need fuel tank repair in Midvale, Utah, need to put the pedal to the metal and head straight for State Automotive—assuming the gas will stay in the tank long enough for a safe drive. Fuel tank problems can vary from mild to major, and sometimes they can be very dangerous. Before making the drive to State Automotive, give your local experts a call to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. If a fuel tank problem includes fuel potentially leaking to an area where there might be a spark, it is better to tow it to our licensed professionals.

fuel tank repair Midvale UtahSometimes fuel tanks are not properly leak checked, particularly in older vehicles. Pinhole leaks can be a major nuisance, and it may not be evident from your quickly dwindling fuel levels that there is a problem right away. A common, and subpar way, some manufacturers check for leaks is to submerge the tank in water and watch for bubbles—but pinhole leaks can cheat their way through that test.

Fire Burn & Fuel Tank Bubble?

Other times, new or renovated fuel tanks pass the “bubble test” because they really are leak-free, but then develop leaks down the road due to a number of reasons. In many instances, it is possible to simply re-weld these fuel tanks in Midvale, and the ride is good as new. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if you have a fuel tank problem or what repairs/replacements are necessary until it is looked over by a State Automotive professional.

Surprisingly, automotive fuel tanks are a lot more complex than many people realize. In some instances, fuel tanks won’t take gas quick enough (which may be the issue if the pump nozzle shuts down well before it’s full at the filling station). Other times the fuel tank retaining strap needs to be replaced because it is causing the tank to rust (which is what happened in a recent major recall from a big manufacturer). Finally, there are self-inflicted fuel tank problems.

Pinpointing the Problem

Whether it was the installation of a stereo system that left some accidental holes drilled into the fuel tank during mounting, a particularly harsh winter or summer which led to expansions that the tank couldn’t handle, or the surge plates giving out, fuel tank issues are not very common—but they have to be addressed promptly.

Since fuel tank problems are relatively rare, there are not many Midvale mechanics that specialize in repairing, renovating or replacing this key part of a vehicle. Depend on State Automotive for regular fuel tank and total vehicle inspections. If there is a fuel tank issue, it should get taken care of immediately to ensure your ride is safe and fuel efficient.