Jeff Cooke

Rod Stewart (not the singer, but the Main Man at State Radiator) took care of me in fine fashion. Let me mention that State Radiator has the look and feel of a small-town garage, and that’s good…friendly employees, small and welcoming office, and straight talk. Continue reading “Jeff Cooke” »

Micah Platt

Great people! Rod, Dustin, and Trent are amazing. They will bust their hump to make sure the repair is done right and they stand behind what they do. It is great to work with a family business where the mom runs the books and the dad runs the shop. Their kids are learning first hand from them!

Amanda Case

This was my first state vehicle inspection in Utah and I could not be happier with my decision to go with State Radiator & Automotive. These guys are super nice and ultra efficient. Thank You!