Radiator Repair

As Utah’s premier auto radiator specialist shop, State Automotive knows that cooling systems are critical not just for safety, but for comfort. When drivers find out their radiator needs to be repaired or replaced, their first thought is usually, “What’s this going to cost?” At Midvale, UT’s State Automotive, radiator care is always performed at the highest quality, but with budget savviness in mind. Whether a vehicle is a vintage classic in much need of a complete overhaul to bid farewell to outdated (and dangerous) cooling systems or a commuter vehicle that suddenly stopped keeping the driver comfortable on those long, hot morning rides, depend on this local leader to keep things cool.

radiator repair Midvale UtahThere is a lot that can go wrong with radiators, or heat exchangers, which are designed to keep a vehicle’s internal combustion engine at the right temperature. Most of the time engine coolants are directed through a vehicle’s engine block in order to release excess heat. This complex system has a lot of critical parts, from the water- or oil-based coolant to the pump, axial fan, cylinder head and combustion engine itself. Something as simple as having the incorrect water and antifreeze combination can cause vehicles to act up. It is not always something as obvious as the A/C not working that notifies drivers there is a problem with the radiator—and just like any other system, the earlier a problem is caught, the faster, easier and more affordable it is to fix.

Radiator Repair: Keeping Your Cool

Even something as simple as a short trip to the grocery store during Midvale’s perfectly temperate autumns can be taxing on a vehicle when the radiator is not in tip top shape. Engines can overheat quickly and easily if this system is out of alignment. The radiator itself is usually created with a pair of header tanks in passenger vehicles, connected to a core in order to offer a big surface area. “Cores” are often made of metal sheet layers bound together with plastic, or aluminum in newer vehicles. Older vehicles may feature copper or brass, which is tougher to repair than newer vehicles.

However, no matter what the age of your vehicle, State Automotive has repaired radiators in vehicles of nearly every make, model and age. Ensuring a vehicle’s radiator is working flawlessly, keeping the system cool and ultimately keeping the driver and passengers at a customized temperature is where this local Midvale shop really shines.