Automotive Repair in Midvale, Utah

Locally owned and operated State Automotive of Midvale, Utah offers bumper to bumber auto repair and maintenance. Utah’s safety and emissions inspections can be incredibly demanding, but drivers have a team of experts on their side.  Additionally, a special radiator repair unit is on hand specializing in all makes, models and years.  Whether a radiator needs a complete rebuild, an agricultural radiator needs special attention or an industrial radiator has been acting up, trust local professionals who have seen it all and repaired it all.  Gas tanks repairs and refinishes are another specialty at State Automotive. From auto repairs to preventative maintenanc , State Automotive will help you keep your car in tip top shape.

A vehicle needs to do more than run and pass inspections. Drivers deserve to feel comforted and even pampered in their vehicles. Utah summers can be brutal and air conditioning is not a luxury—it is nearly a requirement. At State Automotive, air conditioning lines, hydraulic hoses and other cooling systems can be rebuilt, repaired or replaced quickly and efficiently. Most auto shops have to refer drivers to specialists around town to care for different parts of the vehicle, but not at State Automotive. This is genuine one stop shopping for all your car repair and maintenance needs. Continue reading “Automotive Repair in Midvale, Utah” »