Brake Repair

This Midvale, UT premium full-service auto repair shop has a knack for brake repairs because it is one of the most critical safety systems of any vehicle. Drivers who want to catch a “brake” can do so quickly and within budget at State Automotive.  Most drivers will notice loud screeching when brake pads are worn out, but by then serious damage may be occurring. It is also possible that the brake system is silently wearing out, which can occur with brake pads, drums, discs or rotor damage. Regularly getting the brake system inspected is a good idea in order to maximize safety. Drivers should not find out the hard way that their brakes are failing—like when they need to make a sudden stop going 40 miles per hour.

Brake Repair Midvale UtahThe brake system can be complicated and can include hydraulic brake fluid, power brake boosters, disc brakes, electronic anti-lock brake sensors, the brake master cylinder and drum brakes. If just one of these elements is worn out, out of whack or otherwise not in top working order, drivers instantly increase their odds of an accident. Many drivers, especially those who usually stick to highways, fortunately do not need to depend on sudden, fast stops. However, this also means drivers are not always aware when their brakes are in need of maintenance.

Brake Repair: System Warning Signs

The only way to know for certain that a brake system is working at 100 percent is with a professional inspection. However, there are some red flags drivers can watch out for. An obvious sign is when the brake dashboard lights up, indicating that there is an issue with the anti-lock brake system (ABS), but this is not a feature in all makes, models and years. Some vehicles may feature a brake dashboard, and when that is red, it is a warning of a system imbalance.

Many drivers know that a screeching or grinding sound is a vehicle’s way of letting you know there is a problem. When caught early, this is often a brake pad that is worn out. However, drivers who let the sounds continue may wear right through the pads and get into rotor damage, which is more dangerous. Some vehicles may emit “silent complaints,” but a brake pedal that feels spongy can be a big warning sign.

At State Automotive, brake pads and shoes come with a lengthy guarantee for the safety of all drivers and others on the road.