Brake Inspection

7 Signs You Need a Brake Inspection

A brake inspection tells you how much brake life your vehicle has left. It also tells you whether the other parts of your car’s braking system — such as the rotors — are functioning correctly. If there’s one part of your car you don’t want

Car air conditioning problems

Troubleshooting Car A/C Problems: What’s Wrong?

Car A/C problems are the ultimate frustration in the dry, summer heat. You want to ride in a cool, air conditioned vehicle, not be stuck to the hot, sweaty seats. Do you have one of the common car A/C complaints listed below? An experienced profes

fuel tank

Fuel Tanks: What You Need to Know

It seems like your fuel tank has a straightforward role to play: hold the gas needed to get your car from point A to point B. You won’t ever have a problem with your fuel tank, right? Hopefully you’re right, but just in case, know what to

european car maintenance

European Vehicle Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Is European vehicle maintenance as complicated as some people make it sound? It isn’t if you trust a team of reliable technicians with proven experience in this car repair field. While you should carefully consider all the important factors rega

safety and emissions test Utah

Will Your Car Pass the Safety Inspection and Emissions Test?

Utah vehicle owners must comply with the state’s regular safety inspection and emissions testing standards. The safety inspection and emissions test are required to ensure vehicles operate properly, without posing a threat to other vehicles