Get Transmission Service if You Notice These 3 Issues

When’s the last time your car had transmission service? If you’ve never had your vehicle’s transmission flushed or even examined and it’s starting to demonstrate one of the following three problematic signs, it’s time to make an appointment at your mechanic.

Transmission Service

1. Your Car Makes Noises When it Shifts

Do you hear a grinding noise when you put your car into gear? Does the car whine when you shift? Do you hear a low humming or buzzing that is out of the ordinary?

All of these noises could point to a worn clutch, and it’s a sure sign you should have a trained professional take a look.

2. The Vehicle Won’t Shift or Falls Out of Gear

When transmission fluid gets excessively dirty, the car won’t shift easily. You may get a delayed reaction when you step on the gas pedal. In manual transmissions, you might find it difficult to shift at all.

The car also might fail to stay in gear because of a lack of hydraulic pressure, another side effect of a dirty transmission.

3. You Have a Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmissions are closed systems that should never leak. If you notice your car is leaking fluid, place a container underneath to catch the drops and examine the color. Transmission fluid is normally red or brown.

Make an appointment with a mechanic and ensure he or she resolves the source of the leak and replaces the fluid.

Is Transmission Service Always Necessary?

Some cars don’t require a transmission flush until 100,000 miles or more, but some drivers should change the fluid as often as every 15,000 miles. It’s best if you go by the manufacturer’s recommendations, but keep in mind that certain types of driving are going to wear down your transmission fluid faster.

If you tow heavy loads frequently and do a fair amount of stop-and-go driving, you may need to replace your transmission fluid sooner rather than later. Failing to ever flush your transmission and replace the fluid will shorten the life span of the system and result in a repair or replacement down the road.

Transmission service isn’t always needed to correct issues with your vehicle. Vehicle engines are complex, with many moving parts that must function properly for your car to run smoothly. However, since it’s one of the most vital and expensive components in your car, take transmission maintenance seriously.

You can depend on State Automotive for transmission service if your vehicle is acting strangely — we give you a free diagnosis and quick repairs to get your car back on the road.