European Vehicle Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Is European vehicle maintenance as complicated as some people make it sound?

It isn’t if you trust a team of reliable technicians with proven experience in this car repair field. While you should carefully consider all the important factors regarding your next car purchase, stress related to European vehicle maintenance shouldn’t be one of them.

european car maintenance

Here’s what you need to know if you have your heart set on a BMW, Audi or Mercedes:

No, You Don’t Need a Dealer

The manufacturers and the dealers try to make car owners think that the only way to get reliable European vehicle maintenance is to bring it to the dealer for every oil change and air filter replacement.

This simply isn’t true. Yes, dealers staff mechanics who are well-qualified to maintain your make and model, but dealers also typically charge significantly more than the average mechanic. Are you required to trust the dealer and the dealer only? No.

Yes, You Do Need a Qualified Mechanic

Of course, you can’t pick just anyone to work on your European vehicle. You must find a mechanic specifically trained in diagnosing and repairing every type of problem your vehicle could ever possibly have.

European vehicle maintenance takes an extra level of skill because these cars are technologically advanced. American car-manufacturing knowledge isn’t enough for a mechanic to accurately maintain your Volkswagon, Volvo or Fiat.

They Should Have the Right Tools and Parts

Beyond an added level of training, the mechanic you choose should have a garage full of the right tools and most importantly, the right parts. You don’t want a shoddy substitute part — you want the real thing.

While it can be more difficult to locate European parts, the trained technician has the connections and the in-house stock needed to resolve any issues that arise with your car.

More Expensive Repairs? Not Necessarily.

It’s a common myth: You’ll pay more to maintain a European vehicle over its life span.

While in some cases it’s true, it’s not a guarantee. When you partner with a qualified mechanic who knows how to execute preventive maintenance at the right time, you may spend less on repairs than you thought you would.

Always Ask About Warranties

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you should always ask your mechanic about their workmanship warranty. Do they guarantee their work and their parts? Can you trust them? Make sure the shop you choose has a good reputation, with long-standing, repeat customers.

You Can Trust State Automotive

State Automotive is fully prepared to manage your European vehicle maintenance throughout the life of your car. Stop in or call today, and we’ll inspect the systems and diagnose any potential problems so you can ensure your vehicle is in top shape.