7 Signs You Need a Brake Inspection

A brake inspection tells you how much brake life your vehicle has left. It also tells you whether the other parts of your car’s braking system — such as the rotors — are functioning correctly. If there’s one part of your car you don’t want to fail, it’s your brakes!

Brake Inspection

A regular brake inspection will only enhance your safety on the roadway, but you definitely need to check in with a mechanic when you notice any of the seven important warning signs that your brakes may need repair.

1. Grinding Noises

A loud grinding when you slow down is never encouraging. Usually it means your brake pads are worn down so much that the metal rotor is making contact with the brake caliper. It’s a sign you need new brake pads immediately. It could also mean there is a foreign object, such as a rock, stuck in the caliper. This may be an easy fix, but you’ll need a brake inspection to find out.

2. Spongy Feeling

When your brake sinks to the floor and feels spongy when you press down, it’s time for a brake inspection. This could mean there’s a problem with your brake lines and the hydraulic system.

3. Car Pulls to the Side While Braking

A sticking brake caliper can wear down one brake pad prematurely, creating a strong pull to either the right or left. It could also mean one of the brake hoses needs repair.

4. Leaking Fluid

Brake fluid is essential to a well-functioning system, so if you spot a leak under your car, it’s smart to ask a mechanic about the source.

5. Dashboard Warning Light

Most cars come with warning lights that tell you when there’s an issue with your braking system. Don’t ignore dashboard warnings — call your mechanic for an appointment right away!

6. Strong Vibrations While Braking

If your car or steering wheel shakes violently while you’re braking, there could be an issue with your rotors. Rotors can rust and become uneven over time. Get your mechanic to take a look during a brake inspection and see if your rotors need reshaping.

7. Increased Stopping Distance

Whenever you notice that it’s taking you a lot longer to stop, you definitely need brake servicing. This is unsafe and puts you and your passengers at risk.

At State Automotive, we take the safety of our clients seriously. Your vehicle’s brakes are vital. Trust our team for an in-depth, detailed brake inspection when you suspect an issue with yours — we take good care of you.