Do You Need a Transmission Rebuild?

Transmission Rebuild

Can a transmission rebuild get your car back on the road and save you money?

In most cases, the answer is yes.

A properly working transmission is central to a functioning car. A troubled transmission will present many problems, and eventually you’ll need to get a professional assessment to determine if repairs will help, or if the transmission needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

Signs You Should See a Professional

One of the early signs of trouble is a fluid leak. Transmission fluid is a reddish brown color. You also may notice that the gears shift for no apparent reason or make a thudding noise.

Or you may shift into drive, but the vehicle won’t move right away. If the vehicle doesn’t accelerate immediately when you give it gas, it could mean you have a transmission problem.

Why Opt for a Rebuild?

Not all transmission problems require a complete rebuild or replacement. In some cases, a repair may be your most economical option. Flushing the system or repairing a leak may solve the issues, especially if you bring your car to the mechanic right away.

A transmission rebuild is recommended when certain parts are worn out and a repair would only delay the inevitable. Transmission rebuilds are less expensive than replacements, and they make more sense. Putting a new transmission in a high-mileage vehicle isn’t the most economical decision.

When you go for a rebuild, you’re opting for the most cost-effective fix, and you’re getting a quality result. Rebuilt systems can come with warranties and provide you with a measure of security so you know your money was invested wisely.

The Rebuilding Process

During a rebuild, the transmission is removed from the vehicle and taken apart. The mechanic inspects each of the over 100 parts that make up the system. If any part is deemed too worn, it is replaced with a new or refurbished component, then the entire transmission is put back together. The process is labor intensive, and can take four days or longer.

Find a Reputable Mechanic

When you’re trusting a shop to rebuild your transmission, be sure you’re working with a certified technician with a proven history of successful rebuilds. You’ll know you are depending on a professional with integrity, because he or she will expertly diagnose the issue and explain why you need a rebuild or replacement versus a simple repair. The shop will break down the cost and give you a free, detailed quote.

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