Transmission Repair

Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Repairs

Transmission repairs are high on the list of repairs that drivers hope they do not need. When you drive an automatic transmission, repairs can be costly, especially if your transmission needs to be replaced or rebuilt. As with most car repairs, t

Radiator Repair

Will Radiator Repair Make Your AC Work Better?

For proper temperature control in your car, radiator repair, as well as maintenance for the heater core and the air-conditioning system, is important to keep your car the proper temperature all year round. Your radiator, a heat exchanger which co

Modern Brake Service

Why Modern Braking Systems Need Professional Care

The braking systems found in modern cars are unlike the brakes of old that were easy for you to replace yourself. If you were handy, even if you were new to car repair, replacing the disc brake pads or drums and replacing hoses and cables might h

What to Know About Car Inspection in Utah

State car inspection in Utah requires that owners with cars that are four, eight, and ten years old bring their car in for a safety check, while cars over ten years old must pass a safety inspection every year. Utah lawmakers are currently considerin

Winter Tires

Do You Need Snow Tires in Utah?

With winter approaching, adding snow tires to your car may seem like a sound idea. Designed with a special tread pattern that can hold the road when it is icy and snowy, these tires work because they are made of a softer rubber compound that stay