Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Repairs

Transmission Repair

Transmission repairs are high on the list of repairs that drivers hope they do not need. When you drive an automatic transmission, repairs can be costly, especially if your transmission needs to be replaced or rebuilt. As with most car repairs, these services will be less expensive if you deal with problems when they first start rather than letting them become worse.

Problems to Watch For

Long before your transmission gets to the point where you need to think about replacing it or having it rebuilt, it will exhibit signs that it needs attention. There are several transmission problems you should not ignore:

1. Transmission slipping

When your transmission slips, you may be driving in one gear when the transmission changes for no reason. You may notice that the engine appears to whine. Suddenly, your car seems like it is underpowered or fails to accelerate as it should.

2. Rough shifts

When your car will not shift gears as it is supposed or when shifting between gears is not smooth, you have another sign of trouble that calls for transmission repair. You may be able to hear a clicking sound during shifts. Even more noticeably, your car may have difficulty getting up to speed.

3. Delayed engagement

When you attempt to shift from Park to Drive, you may notice a delay before the car starts moving.

4. Fluid leak

When you notice red, dark red, or brown stains on your driveway or garage floor, you probably have a transmission leak. As you are transmission is a sealed system, they should never happen. Before refilling your transmission with new fluid, you may need a transmission repair.

5. Transmission warning light

When your check engine light comes on, there could be a variety of problems, including a problem with the transmission. Especially if you are having any of the other problems described above, you may have an issue with the transmission. When you take your car in for repairs, the mechanic will check your diagnostic code. If code P0700 shows, he will know you have a need for transmission repairs.

When any of these problems occur, you should go in for a checkup immediately. If you do not feel comfortable driving your car, have it towed to your transmission repair facility.

Transmission Repair Considerations

While minor transmission repairs might be in the $100-$150 range for a bad transmission solenoid, they can exceed $2500 if you need to repair, rebuild, or replace an entire transmission. Fixing problems as they occur may save you from major transmission repairs.

Major transmission repairs are specialized services that not all auto service shops perform. If your mechanics diagnoses major transmission issues, verify that the shop is experienced doing them. Most reputable shops will refer to a transmission specialist if your car needs work that outside their scope of services.

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