5 Signs You Need Clutch Repair

Your car might need clutch repair if your standard transmission starts acting up.

clutch repair

If you proactively get your clutch looked at as soon as you notice one of the following five signs of trouble, you could save yourself a lot of time and money. Clutch repair is much cheaper than paying for a new transmission, so stay on the lookout for these problems:

1. Bad Odor or Burning Smell

Do you smell burning rubber or a general bad odor when driving your car? A worn clutch will give off a nasty smell when it’s been damaged due to overheating or general wear and tear. If you have a habit of riding your clutch, this issue could come up.

2. It’s Hard to Shift Gears

Is it difficult to shift your car into first gear or reverse? Shifting trouble could signal the need for clutch repair. A worn clutch won’t shift smoothly like it should.

3. Clutch Pedal Feels Spongy

Does it have a spongy feel when you step on it? It might need to be adjusted, or you could have a hydraulic fluid leak. Whenever you sense a change in pedal action, it’s smart to get a certified mechanic to take a look.

4. Car Jerks or Shakes

If you feel a shaking when you change gears or the car shakes violently, the cause could be the clutch. Your system may be contaminated or you could have another car problem that’s contributing to the jerking or shaking.

Either way, if it’s affecting your shifting, get it looked at by a mechanic so it doesn’t progress to a more serious problem.

5. Car Slips Out of Gear

Does the engine suddenly lose power when you’re towing a heavy load, driving up a hill or pushing down hard on the accelerator? This is a sign of a problem with gear engagement. Get your car examined, because clutch repair might be the only solution.

Life Span of a Clutch

If you tow heavy loads regularly, your clutch could become worn in as little as 35,000 miles, but modern vehicles have clutches that can last up to 100,000 miles. It’s hard to predict exactly how long your clutch will function properly, since its durability depends on the specific make and model of your car, as well as your driving style and the external environment.

Who should you depend on when you’re having transmission or clutch problems? At State Automotive of Midvale, Utah, we’re dedicated to quality service, so you should call right away if you detect any irregular vehicle function — clutch repair might be the answer.