3 Ways to Tell if You Need Radiator Repair

Radiator Repair

Radiator repair is unavoidable when this essential component of your vehicle’s cooling system breaks down. If left unaddressed, the problem could cause serious engine damage. Your car’s engine must have a working cooling system, or you may find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

Here are three signs you need radiator repair:

Coolant Is Leaking

Stay on the lookout for leaks. Check underneath your car, and if you can see or smell coolant, make an appointment with your mechanic. Coolant should never leak. Not only is it dangerous because it is poisonous to animals, it’s a sign your vehicle’s engine is at risk.

Without the right amount of coolant, your system will be unable to function properly and keep your car running smoothly.

Coolant Levels Drop Regularly

It’s smart to check the amount of coolant fluid in the reservoir on a regular basis. While it is normal for coolant levels to fluctuate slightly, a sharp decline in coolant supply is not good.

If you constantly have to fill up the reservoir, you either have a coolant leak you haven’t discovered yet, or coolant is evaporating out of the system. Either way, this breakdown in the cooling system’s function must be repaired immediately.

Frequent Rising Temperature or Overheating Engine

Watch your car’s temperature gauge on the dashboard. If you notice the temperature climbs to the hot range, your vehicle could have major engine damage if you don’t stop driving and get help right away.

A hot temperature gauge may be accompanied by an overheating engine, another clear sign that you should investigate whether radiator repair is needed.

Radiator Repair or Replacement?

When your mechanic investigates the source of the cooling system breakdown, he or she is going to look at the radiator and test its functioning. It could be cracked or corroded, and this may be affecting its performance.

Your auto mechanic may be able to repair the part if the damage is minor, especially if the fix is as straightforward as plugging a leak, but it might be better to simply replace the entire component.

Radiator repair can be worthwhile, but get the opinion of a qualified professional before spending your money. In some cases, radiator replacement may be the better, more cost-efficient decision for the long-term.

Rely on Experience for Radiator Repair

You need an auto mechanic you can trust for radiator repair, because he or she will be able to accurately identify if the radiator is responsible for your car problems or if your cooling system has other issues that must be addressed.

Make an appointment with State Automotive and make sure your vehicle gets the professional attention it needs. Diagnose cooling system issues and get quality radiator repair that puts your car back on the road quickly, all for a straightforward, affordable price.